Sheffield Uni’s top 5 Sainsbury’s Locals

The Tab is here to help you make the difficult choice of which location is best to line Justin King’s pockets from

If you live in the S10 postcode, you are no more than 20 paces from a Sainsbury’s Local at any given time.

Anyone who goes to co-op for their essentials is dubbed ‘weird’, ‘an anorak’, ‘a bit like that’. One student confessed to falling in love with the Sainsbury’s self-service checkout on account of her unerring politeness. Politicians have recently held talks in Geneva in order to try and halt the proliferation of Sainsbury’s Locals on northern university towns.

But which of Sheffield Uni’s fleet of Sainsbury’s Locals is best?

5. The IC

Pretty cramped in here. To be fair, they’ve managed to squeeze a bakery in, the reduced section is often bountiful and you can get 5 cookies here for the price of one from the IC cafe. But be prepared for gridlock.


4. Arts Tower

This branch does the job, and no more. There’s more room to roam, but no bakery and the security guard gives you evils for coming on to ‘his patch’.

A wide berth

3. Broomhill

Much like the club Popworld (formerly known as Babylon), this place looks small but actually goes back quite a long way. An impressive ready meal section for all you freshers, and a bakery too.

More importantly it’s right next door to Williamson’s, and everyone knows that there is no better afternoon spent than browsing a hardware store for shiny household goods. Ooh look, a blender!

Reggae… in a microwavable pot

2. Crookes

This place is massive. It is dubious whether this is a Sainsbury’s ‘Local’ at all, or an ordinary Sainsbury’s in disguise. A fantastic bakery section and enough checkouts to make it less awkward when you decide to use self-service rather than be served by an actual human being.

Look at dem baked goods

1. Crookesmoor

It’s… another Sainsbury’s

The latest addition to the fleet, this place was until recently The Hadfield pub. Now it’s a Sainsbury’s. One local man said, ‘In this modern age, it’s great to have traditional meeting places like Sainsbury’s to bring the community together’.

The placement of products is unorthodox – chocolate opposite raw meat, go on then! – and the aisles are wide so there’s plenty of room for activities. But above all this is another Sainsbury’s that sells lucozade, cake and sausages.

Playing hide and leek

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