Team of the Week: Lacrosse

Club captain Grace Mills tells us about massive socials, broken fingers and varsity thrashings.

lacrosse of team the week

Levels of violence – Variable

Cost- Not too bad, so long as you don’t break your stick too often.

Chance of at least one varsity point- Dead cert

For those who don’t know, how would describe Lacrosse?

To someone who has never played it before it’s basically like Hockey but in the air, the aim is obviously to get the ball in the goal and the main difference between the men’s and women’s teams  is the contact and the violence.

So how violent does it get?

In mixed there is absolutely no contact, the women’s game involves more contact and that can mean you’re hitting a girl but you’ve got mouth guards so it’s all fine! For the boys, it’s full on contact and I would say it’s worse than Rugby! They end up with some very big bruises and a lot of broken fingers; you can hit them wherever!

How did you get into Lacrosse?

At school when I was about 10 we started playing and I was captain in year 7 and all the way through school, now I’m playing for my club at home and at Uni. Fundamentally I would say it’s a southern sport so a lot of the Northern girls have never played before!

How did Varsity go this year?

We won 19-0! The year before we lost 9-6 so this year was a massive thing for the girls. The Hallam boys have a lot of England players in their team so we struggled there. Our aim this year is 10 more goals, so 29-0!

What are the socials like?

Massive! It’s the luxury of lacrosse, being a mixed club we have about 80 people turn up every week without fail! We have a lot of people who just come to the socials and don’t do much actual Lacrosse at all, with the mixed team it’s good to have the boys and girls combined.

What is usually the best social?

Obviously Christmas Roar is huge and pub golf as well but to be honest with lacrosse they’re all pretty big! In March we do Hallam vs Uni where we come as what we think the others are, last year they dressed up as pigs and we came as chavs!

Towering above the cometition

Best thing about being part of a Uni sports team?

The diversity of it and having everyone there, you get those extra friends that you all have something in common with. With lacrosse, having the boys involved there means there’s none of that girl team bitchiness!

Finally, how would I get in involved?

We have a Give it a Go session on the 13th February and a week after we have something called INTO-Lacrosse.  It costs £10, you get 5 weeks of Lacrosse and it’s for people who’s never caught a ball up to game standard, if you’ve not played before then you go into the mixed team and work your way up!

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