Protesters join calls for ‘Cops off Campus’

Activists hit the concourse once again as Sheffield joins campaign against police brutality


Students and academics protested today on the Union concourse as part of a national day of action against University management and police brutality.

The action, organised by the group Sheffield Strikes Back, comes just five days after the previous protest against University repression on Friday afternoon. Activists marched to Firth Court chanting ‘Cops of Campus’ and ‘Fuck the Police’.

Several groups of students around the country are taking part in ‘Cops off Campus’ protests, including a much more exciting one in London with thousands of students protesting outside the hearing into the death of Mark Duggan.

Protesters drew attention to police brutality in the Battle of Orgreave and the Hillsborough disaster.

Firth Court – the preferred venue for protesters

Protesters are calling for an end to police brutality against students who have taken part in the recent surge of direct action.

Dan, a third year History and Sociology student, said “I’m here because there’s been a crackdown on campuses around the country. There’s been police infiltration, with deliberate targeting and protest strategies for a while now. We’re trying to let people know what’s going on.

“This is part of a bigger national campaign. We’ve got participation from a lot of groups in Sheffield today: Rev Soc, Autonomous Students, Socialist students. I think the facts are there really, there have been clamp downs everywhere. There’s been students kicked out at Sussex, and I think people are starting to see that and are wanting to join the protest. People want to understand the issues and want to learn more.”