Sheffield Student Gets Heated to Cut Bills

A Shef Uni student has started a campaign for a student heating subsidy

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The recently announced energy company price hikes were too much for one Sheffield student, who is campaigning for a heating subsidy for students.

“Warming Up Students” was launched by Nicholas Jessup last month, and is lobbying MPs to introduce a means-tested grant for students to help heat their houses as the weather draws in.

Some students are getting desperate

Some students are getting desperate

The grant would be administered as part of the Student Finance system.

Jessup told The Tab: “We believe that no one should have to pay regular and exponential price rises. However, as students, we are more vulnerable than most families, owing to our lack of a full time income.”

The petition will be presented to Yorkshire and Humber MPs to raise the matter in Parliament.

However, it would seem that Jessup’s campaign hasn’t lit a fire in the hearts of students. The petition to the Department for Energy and Climate Change has only 21 signatures at time of writing.

A sign of the times

A sign of the times

The Tab hopes the campaign hots up for his sake…