Uni Football Club Banned From Balti King After “Riot”

Students accused of racially abusing a member of staff

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Sheffield University Men’s Football Club have been banned from Balti King following allegations of racial abuse and “disgusting” behaviour on a social two weeks ago.

Participants on a club social are alleged to have smashed glasses and jugs, assaulted a female customer and racially abused a member of staff.

The events took place after the group left ROAR in the early hours of Thursday 24th October.

One club member – who wished to remain anonymous – described the events in Balti King as “a bit of a riot”.

Balti King staff members told The Tab: “It was completely out of character.

“There were six footballers beating the crap out of one bloke. There were tables, glasses, cutlery and jugs thrown. They pulled down the top and bra of a female student.

“One glass was thrown across the room and smashed into a customer’s curry. He left shaking and in tears. They could have killed someone.

“We run a service for all of the students in Sheffield, they are welcome any time of day, but the Football Club are never coming anywhere near this restaurant again.”

The Football Club have denied any knowledge of the events, claiming that there is nothing to confirm that the people involved were part of the club.

Men’s club captain Tom Hesketh told The Tab: “I have been in [to Balti King] and said my apologies on behalf of the club for what may or may not have happened.

“We don’t want football having a bad name so straight away we apologised for what we may or may not have done. I spoke to Andy [Cox] and that’s being dealt with internally.

“We get a lot of people out on a social. We don’t know who goes to Balti King.”

Fellow club member James Allan added : “It’s not the club, it’s individuals.

“We’ve spoken to the whole club and said that this kind of behaviour is not on, it’s not what we’re about.  If people came forward, we’d deal with it internally. We’d ban them from training and from games.”

Andy Cox, head of Sport Sheffield, told The Tab: “Balti King spoke to me about what happened, the club have been in and apologised, but there is no evidence that it was a member of the football club.

“They have been told to stay away for a while. As far as I’m concerned the matter has been dealt with.”