SU Strikes Wrong Notes for Chemistry Students

Students’ Union Officers have protected their students’ rights this morning…by abusing them for turning up to lectures.

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Students across the uni have been affected by today’s strikes, but some more than others.

Action taken by the Students’ Union Sabbatical Officers has had a direct impact on the education of the students it represents.

All for one? Photo: Ismar Badzic.

In an email to all students this morning, the SU Officers said it was “encouraging students not to cross picket lines”.

However, it has become apparent that this action would result in lost marks for some students.

One second year Chemistry student – who wished to remain anonymous for fear of personal attacks – has told The Tab: “the twats in scarves and one of the SU Officers were outside Dainton, giving us hassle this morning because we were going to lectures.

The Uni Unites. Photo: Ismar Badzic

“Chemistry Level 2 did not have a choice. We have to be in today, otherwise we will get a 0 for this week’s labs. And no-one in my year is cocky enough to think it wouldn’t make a difference to their overall grades.”

In addition, students were unable to attend lectures in the Richard Roberts Building this morning, due to an attempted occupation by a group of anarchists.

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More to follow…