A portrait of Malcolm X in Coffee Revolution has caused a stir for some students.

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The decision to hang a portrait of Malcolm X in the Students’ Union has been SLAMMED by a student in an open letter to the SU.

After being unveiled in May by Dr Cornel West, the portrait is now hanging in Coffee Revolution.


The letter, which labels the civil rights activist as “a communist criminal racist” was written by philosophy student Joe Bentley.

Addressed to Union Pres Ally Buckle, it calls for “a more appropriate figure…to celebrate black history.”

This letter is now being treated as a formal complaint by the SU, meaning democratic action will be required to remove the portrait.

Speaking to The Tab, Bentley said: “[SU Pres] Ally orginially sent me an email arguing the point with me that the decision to put up the painting of Malcolm X was a reasonable one.

Does the SU have the X Factor?

“Various people have around the university have made comments to me in person. The response has been pretty mixed.”

Buckle declined to comment to The Tab on the issue.