Sheffield The Worst City to be a Young Person

Sheffield is the worst place in the country to be a young person, according to a new (stupid) study.

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Sheffield is the WORST city in the country for young people.

That’s according to a study by Legal & General, which ranks Cardiff as the best place to be aged 18-30.

It's grim up north

It’s grim up north

Sheffield was placed joint last with Wakefield out of the 20 most populous cities in the UK.

This is despite the Steel City having better culture and entertainment than the bright lights of London.

Only 52% of respondents to Legal and General’s survey from London were satisfied with their city’s culture and entertainment, compared with 58% in Sheffield.

"Culture and Entertainment"

“Culture and Entertainment”

When wages, rents, job opportunities and crime were factored in though, Sheffield and Wakefield were left in dead heat for last place.

It seems that not all students are convinced by the findings though.

Second year Andy Robinson said: “anyone who believes Sheffield is a bad place to be young should be given a scruffy school uniform, a bright blue pint and be pointed in the direction of Corp.”

The Tab couldn’t agree more.