Union turned down Freshers’ Fair goody bags due to gender issues

Women’s Officer turned down ‘His and Hers’ bags due to shade of make-up and wider gender issues

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The Tab can reveal that the Students’ Union decided not to order ‘his and hers’ free freshers’ fair goody bags due to issues of gender and race.

The Women’s officer decided not to order the bags because of the shade of make-up in the girls bag, as well as gender issues in general.

Women’s Officer Katherine Chapman

Older students may recall the free bags being offered in 2011 as you entered the freshers’ fair, with items including make-up offered in a pink bag and razors offered in a blue bag, as well as other freebies.

The freshers’ fair bags were also not ordered last year, after then Women’s officer Amy Masson made the original decision that it was not appropriate to have the bags as free gifts to students, for the above reasons.

Speaking to The Tab, Women’s officer Katherine Chapman said, “Last year the goody bags were not ordered because there was an issue with gendered items and light coloured foundation. Because the goody bags that are available have not changed this year, we have again not ordered any.”

Freshers’ Fair – more crowds than freebies

This comes after some students found the freshers’ fair to be disappointing in terms of how much free stuff was on offer. Third year English student Yasmin Pennock said, “Arriving only an hour after it opened meant the extent of freebies were just flyers, flyers and more flyers.”

Katherine Chapman declined to comment on how many goody bags were turned down.

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