EDL Hit Out at Sheffield’s “Rich” Students

They came, they got angry, they went home.

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EDL leader Tommy Robinson used Saturday’s rally to attack Sheffield’s Muslim community and its STUDENTS.

Around 400 EDL supporters  descended on Sheffield Lane
 Top on Saturday afternoon to protest against plans to turn the former Pheasant pub into a mosque.

There are no such plans.

The police were out in force

The police were out in force

In a YouTube video posted by Slacker1967 from the rally, Robinson is seen referring to anti-facism protestors as “left-wing students”.

He went on the describe the members of the counter-protest as “rich kids”.

About 250 people from groups including Unite Against Facism and One Sheffield Many Protestors took part in a counter-protest.

It is estimated to have cost South Yorkshire Police up to £800,000 to keep disruption between the protests to a minimum.

Four arrests were made: two for drunk and disorderly, one for criminal damage to a police vehicle and one for possession of cannabis.

Sensible, balance rally-goers

Sensible, balanced rally-goers

Fellow EDL leading figure Kevin Carroll also gave a balanced case for the rally taking place.

EDL members maintain that they are “not racist”.