Review – Corporation

It’s grimy. It’s degrading. But boy do we love it.

Corp Corporation review sheffield

Price: £

Atmosphere: 5 stars

Likelihood of leaving with dignity: Very low


Ah! Steal my heart Corp. Because you sure steal my dignity. If you’re looking for the cheapest and BEST night out in Sheffield, go to The Skool Disco on Wednesday night at Corporation. I mean their own slogan is ‘You’ll never leave’.

My reasoning?

1) School uniform

With free entry before 10:30 to those who wear school uniform (and £1 entry after), it’s rude not to. No longer can one express their creative soul and alternative style but instead everyone is forced into conformity. We’re all reduced to the same level, in a plethora of white shirts, Primark ties and bad decisions.

2) The drinks

Fondly referred to as ‘Corp juice’, the drink of choice is a toxic looking neon blue pint. No one really knows what it is, probably just ethanol they’ve distilled in the back. The sugar content is so high if you don’t pass out from the alcohol you’ll certainly pass out from a sugar rush. They also sell ‘Quad Vods’. 4 shots of vodka in Irn-Bru for £2, you’re welcome.This is important, because you don’t want to be there sober.

3) Corp TV

There’s not much more to say than Corp TV films drunk people. Then puts it on YouTube. Beware.



4) The secret rooms

Corp’s a labyrinth of secret rooms all with their own DJs playing different styles of music. Well the rooms aren’t so secret but usually you’re so drunk it takes you a while to find them. There’s a large mainstream chart room and an indie room. There’s even a hidden top floor, which I’ve only managed to find once. Tip: proceed up the stairs with caution they are very slippery.

5) Live venue

Corp has been voted in the top 3 rock clubs in the UK by Kerrang magazine. I don’t know if this impresses you or not. Last year it did stage over 140 live shows. Basically there’s more to Corp than The Skool Disco some might say.

6) The smoking area

As a non-smoker, even I enjoy the smoking area. It’s really big and has weird fire escape stairs that people aren’t allowed to but still sit on. Oh and there’s also sometimes a burger van there too. SOLD.

See you all at Corp.