‘Crazy’ drinks prices at Foundry and Fusion

Nice decor but ridiculous drinks prices leave students ‘Fuming’ – a double costs more than two singles.



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The first night at the new Foundry and Fusion showed off the clubs swanky new decor but bizarre drinks prices left a sour taste for the first revellers of the year.

Students were reunited with the newly refurbished club last night after a £2m year-long building project had left union clubbers without their beloved F&F for all of last year.

The free event attracted a modest crowd of pre-freshers students who came to take a look. The venue boasts an impresive new decor in all three rooms, good looking lighting and more space in the largest of the three rooms, Foundry.

Despite looking great, ridiculous drinks prices left some dissilusioned by the new venue. Whilst a single vodka mixer was sold at £2 a pop, doubles cost a whopping £4.90 – meaning it actually cost less to buy two singles rather than a double.

Third year geographer Will Hutchinson described himself as “fuming” after falling victim to the ludicrous pricing strategy.

“It’s ridiculous. How can they charge more for a double than two singles?”

Whilst advertising that entry into the night came with a free drink, students arriving at 11pm were told that there were no free drink vouchers to hand out as the staff handing them out had “gone home”. There were also no drinks prices or information visible at any of the bars.

Returns home tomorrow night

There was also con-fusion caused by a large ‘TOILETS’ sign in Foundry that is directly above a door that was only for the female loos, whilst the gents has no such sign.

Foundry, Studio and Fusion is set to host a vast array of nights during freshers week, including new Hip Hop night ‘Ugly’.

Although the first night may have had mixed reviews, theres one thing everyone can agree on: it’ll always be better than the Octagon.