John’s Van has been returned. The Tab talks to its owner.

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12:45 16/9/13 UPDATE: John’s Van has been found!

Owenr Jez confirmed through the @johnsvan Twitter account this afternoon that the original John’s Van has been returned, and will be up and running in time for Freshers’ Week.

Van Goes Back to Owner

15:50 12/9/13 – UPDATE: John’s Van will re-open on Tuesday.

Van owner Jez confirmed this afternoon via Twitter that he will be back in business early next week, in spite of it being towed away by theives early yesterday morning.

Back in business

He added: “Old van still out there somewhere so I’ve had to get a replacement takes one or two days to change things on it.”


There is a £1,000 reward for help in returning John’s Van after it was stolen in the early hours of this morning.

The owner sent out the plea via Twitter late this morning after The Tab reported that the sandwich dispensary had been towed away by a white Transit van outside the Hicks building.

Have you seen this van?

This evening, The Tab spoke to owner Jez about today’s events.

“I have a little routine in the morning – I get to the uni, park the van up, get the water boiling, get the grill hot. Whilst that’s happening I go and get milk for the day from down the road – at that time of day ten minutes tops.

“Obviously, someones either seen it and driven off with it, or they’ve been watching and just thought that it was a good opportunity.

Money for an old van

“I was in my car. There was a transit van at the top of the car park with a couple of blokes knocking around. But I see that every morning these days with the building going on, nothing out of the ordinary.

“And then obviously came back and its gone. Its absolutely ridiculous. I must have missed them by five minutes.”

Jez said he was overwhelmed by the response from people on Twitter and Facebook.

He told The Tab: “I was totally surprised. That’s given me a bit of a boost really – a happy end to the day. It’s much appreciated.”

Van Gone

And is the £1,000 reward a serious offer?

“Oh yeah, Definitely. If someone gives information that leads to it being retrieved.”

Jez added, “If they want the reward in sandwiches then they can have it in sandwiches.”

But freshers week revelers needn’t worry – Jez assured us he will be there to help cure their hangovers.

“I’ll be back by Monday. I’ll definitely be there for freshers’ week even if I have to stand there.”

Any info? Call police on 101 quoting incident number 122 of September 11.