Sheffield’s Got A Lotto Luck

Sheffield is one of the best places to buy a lottery ticket in the UK.

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Sheffield is the one of the luckiest places in the UK, according to the National Lottery.

The Steel City’s ‘S’ postcode comes in third for the most £50,000-plus winners ever, with Wolverhampton drawing top spot. A whopping 668 Sheffielders have picked up at least £50,000, with 67 becoming millionaires.

Ray and Barbara Wragg famously had a ball in 2000, when they picked up £7.6m. They’ve since slipped a large wad to local charities.

Sheffield's Wraggy Winners

Some of Sheffield’s Wraggy Winners

Endcliffe Fresher Jim Owen told The Tab he had felt the luck of the Steel City: “I’ve definitely won a few more football accumulators since I moved here. Time to get the Euromillions tickets in!”

A Lottery spokesman said: “Sheffield really is a lucky place to live – but lottery luck can live anywhere.”

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This one didn't win. Will we get our Steel luck tonight?

This one didn’t win. Will we get our Steel luck tonight?

But Medics Rugby player James Flint didn’t buy in to the hype about Sheffield’s luck, saying: “what a load of bloody rubbish.”