The Tab meets Danny Bean

Broomhill Friery supremo talks Sean Bean, tackling thieves and touching women


The neon sign of Broomhill Friery draws in drunken students like moths to a flame. But it’s not just the chips that attract inebriated students to this mecca, but also the famous Danny Bean.

The Tab went to interview this ‘local celeb’ to reveal the man behind the counter.

Danny does his ‘Donner Skewer’ impression

Something the Friery certainly doesn’t underplay is the supposed connection with beardy actor Sean Bean. So lets clear this up: What’s the link?

“Sean’s my uncle, and his Mum brought me up. We share a granddad who bought the shop for me and my aunt. He was up visiting family in Sheffield last week and we both went to the family reunion. It was really good seeing him again.

When I was 15 he took me to the Lord of the Rings Premiere in L.A. It was amazing, we flew out in first class, got picked up in a limo and then hung out with celebrities on the red carpet all evening. On the way back I was on a flight with Liv Tyler and we chatted the whole way back.”

We got a private yoga session…. Are they sandals?

“Women have spots they like to be touched”

Enough small talk: we’ve all heard the rumours. Does he have a special room upstairs for his ‘favourite’ students?

“I love all my students because they’re very liberal and open-minded. But I especially like the medics because they always come in fancy dress. Other people can’t get on with drunk people and get annoyed at them but I think they’re fun.” Right…

Danny had some more explicit advice when it comes to getting girls. Gentlemen, read closely:

“Less talking more actions. Girls don’t really want to know your history or your life, they’d rather be touched in the right spots. Women have spots they like to be touched, mostly round the hips or on the neck.”

Broomhill Friery was slammed last month after being awarded a one star hygiene rating by the FSA.

One he sent us…

Danny Bean on…


 . . . Those big decisions in life

“When you hesitate doing something you get it wrong. If you’re thinking about something for more than 2 seconds you’re going to do it wrong.”

 . . . Attracting a mate

“Firstly be polite and smile, but most importantly stand with good posture. Good posture is important because 80% of communication is through body language.”

. . . Expensive Nuts

“I give my employees nuts to keep their energy up. They’re the most expensive nuts you can get. It’s important to have a lot of energy.”

. . . Weirdest moment in the chippy

“Once a student tried to run off with his Burger without paying. I ran outside after the thief and rugby tackled him to the floor. When I came back into the shop all my customers were cheering and high-fiving me. Ned Stark would be proud.

. . . Giving, not receiving

Giving is really important. For example we donate all our excess food at the end of the day to the Salvation Army. The shop’s not for me to be left at the end of the year with loads of money, that’s not why I do it. I do things for enjoyment.”

Ellie with Dan and pals

So after an hour with Dan Bean and sampling his nuts, I left Broomhill Friery with his wise words still in my head and a renewed sense of purpose; less talking more actions! Hard work brings success! Yet all these encouraging words started to wear off once I’d finished my chips. So I guess I’ll have to go back next time and get some more…