Students Get Some Satisfaction

Sheffield comes third in Student Experience Survey

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Sheffield is the third best uni to be a student at, according to a report published yesterday.

The rankings, compiled by Times Higher Education, see Sheffield keep its place from 2012. The University of East Anglia took top spot, while last year’s chart toppers Dundee dropped to ninth.

One of the uni’s Top Parts

THE interviewed over 14,000 students, including 192 from Sheffield, asking them to rate their uni on a range of factors, including course, facilities and social life.

Sheffield’s SUperb Union was voted the best in the country, as was its terrifIC library.

IC where they’re coming from

Sheffield beat its local rivals comfortably, with Leeds coming in 7th, York down in 37th and Hallam not featuring in the league table.

Endcliffe Fresher Heather Mackay disagreed with the rankings, telling The Tab: “although Sheffield’s a decent place to be, it’s a bit depressing if there’s nowhere better than this.” But as Maths first year Sarah Andrew pointed out: “we know we’re better than Hallam, and that’s all that matters.”