Referendum ahoy!

Petition on reverting club names to Foundry and Fusion tops 1,000 signatures


There will be an online referendum on whether the room names of the refurbished Union club rooms will become ‘The Soundroom’ and ‘The Den’ or be changed back to Foundry and Fusion.

In accordance with the rules on the Union website, any petition that receives over 1,000 signatures will be put to referendum for YOU (!) to decide.

Would you rather vom in ‘Foundry’ or ‘The Den’?

After the Union announced last week that the names of the rooms would be changing, there was veritable uproar from many students. David Hodgson, a second year architecture student, was one of them and decided to start a petition.

“I’m not in any way adverse to change when its a step in a positive direction but I feel “The Soundroom” and “The Den” are hardly names that are inspiring” Hodgson told The Tab. “I think I may have pissed a few people off within the union but if the majority vote swings in favour of keeping the original names then the students have spoken.”

A celebratory cover photo – what else?

There is also a facebook protest page on the issue right here.

The petition now has over 1,100 signatures asking for the names to be reverted to those which students have evidently grown attached to.

“Don’t really give a toss”

Seven ardent souls have however voted ‘No’ on the petition. One of them, Bryn Ray, a first year architecture student (coincidence?) says people need to get over themselves.

“Basically, I think people need to stop winging and embrace change. Every time Facebook changes we moan then two weeks later we all love it … And it’s not important anyway really, so don’t give someone an unnecessary headache!”

The Tab could not possibly comment on the relationship between student politics and unnecessary headaches.

Matt Arnerich, a second year philosophy student, said “I don’t really give a toss”.

The Union Council will confirm the referendum, which will run until the 10th May, at their meeting tomorrow.