Laptop reimbursement scheme ends this Friday

The scheme allows RHUL students to request for a reimbursement of up to £500

A scheme allowing RHUL students to request a reimbursement of up to £500 for the recent purchase of digital equipment used to complete this year’s alternative assessments is set to close at midday this Friday, on the 12th June.

The scheme, which was launched on the 6th May, is not means-tested and students only need to provide proof of purchase.

Since the scheme hasn’t been widely advertised (it has only been mentioned once in a College newsletter), you may have missed it.

The RHUL Tab spoke to a student who benefited from the new scheme: “I used the scheme to claim for reimbursement for a laptop I had to buy to complete my assessments on Microsoft Office.

“I found out about the scheme after I got the equipment…it was a really simple process.”

The student added that they’re sure the laptop will be crucial for the next academic year too, as lectures are set to be online.

The confirmation of online lectures and classes starting in September will also raise new challenges for freshers and returning students without the necessary digital equipment to complete their studies.

This scheme only provides assistance for the purchase of laptops that were required for completing alternative assessments.

So far, no schemes aimed at supporting freshers or returning students have been announced.

A reimbursement scheme may also provide little help for students who lack the necessary funds to buy equipment in the first place.

The RHUL Tab raised these issues with the College, however, we are yet to receive a response.

VP Education Kate Roberts has told The RHUL Tab that the Students’ Union will be pushing for continued financial support for students.

“The SU will be lobbying to ensure that all new and returning students who are in need of financial support for the purchase of digital equipment have access to it and are best supported to achieve in the new flexible learning model.”

The current scheme will stop accepting applications at midday this Friday, on the 12th June.

You can apply for the scheme here.

Students with further questions should contact the Financial Wellbeing Team by emailing [email protected]

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