Royal Holloway academic creates entire Founders Building on Sims

It is everything we needed right now

Lockdown has been going on for about three weeks already and it’s encouraging people to do all sorts to things. Whether you are just chilling, drawing, making music, working out, people are dealing with lockdown differently and that’s okay. However, we might have found the best thing to comedown of lockdown yet… a virtual Sims building of the Founders Building at RHUL.

If you are currently missing having that drink in the quad, or if you’ve missed out getting your diss picture in front of those beautiful orange bricks we all love so well Dr Michaela Jones has blessed us with her lockdown procrastination.

The RHUL Tab spoke to Michaela, who studied at the University for her Undergraduate degree, Masters and PhD. She said: “I built it mainly as something to keep me occupied during lockdown! I am working from home but I was spending a lot of my free time reading the news and getting upset and stressed so figured a project like that would keep me occupied for a while. And I figured if I was going to do the outside I might as well do as much of the inside as I could as well.

“I’m not sure exactly how long it took as I’ve been doing bits here and there over the past three weeks or so. I could probably have spent a bit longer on it but reached the point where I felt it was good enough (and it had got to the point where it was so big that my poor laptop was struggling to keep up). I figured it might get about 20 likes so was surprised that it got so much attention!”

We asked her if she had any more plans to build more of campus to which she told us: “No plans currently to build any more of campus, but I guess it depends how much longer lockdown continues!”

Michaela has made it available to download for those who missing wandering about Founders.