RHUL Summer Ball cancelled with priority tickets set aside for final years in 2021

Those who have already bought tickets to be refunded shortly

The RHSU have announced today that they will be cancelling this years Summer Ball, with the decision being published on all uni social media platforms today.

President Jack O’Neill says in the statement realised by the SU: “I know that this is going to be disappointing news for lots of you, and it is with a heavy heart that we have to make this decision – I myself was looking forward to seeing Founder’s come alive for my final Summer Ball, and enjoy celebrating with you all.

“However, we can’t look beyond what is happening across the globe right now and the response to coronavirus rightfully takes priority over Summer Ball. It is undeniable that once this passes, and it will pass, we are all going to need something to get back together for and when that time comes, we hope you’ll be there.”

The RHSU have announced that priority tickets will be made available for those graduating this year for next years Summer Ball in 2021. The SU have also announced that they are looking for alternative ways graduates this year can celebrate the end of their final year.

It has also been confirmed that they are in the process of refunding Summer Ball tickets that have already been bought by students for the 2020 Ball. It is said that it is aimed to be between in the next 3-5 working days however it could take up to a month.

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