We want YOU! The Royal Holloway Tab is looking for new editors

Could it be you?

With the academic year coming to a near end the current co-editors at the RHUL Tab will be graduating meaning there is an opening for the positions. You can be an existing writer or a new writer, it doesn’t matter what year you are in, all you need to do to be considered it apply.

As a co-editor you will have the responsibility of managing the team of writers, you will be responsible for the RHUL Tab social media pages and writing daily content. You will also be responsible for publishing and editing the stories of your team.

How do you apply?

To apply either fill out the form or contact either of the current editors Ava-May or Devon with your application. Your application will need to include the following:

• Two article ideas (relevant to RHUL or university students)

• How you would recruit new writers

• What new ideas you would bring to the RHUL Tab as a co-editor

Why should I apply?

Being a co-editor for the RHUL Tab will not only give you experience in managing a team but it will provide you an opportunity to see how well you balance studying and extra-curricular. You will have an opportunity to work alongside experienced journalists who manage and guide you, and write articles that make the headlines of national newspapers. It will provide you with invaluable experience that you can carry with you through the rest of your degree and after you graduate.

Tab editors and writers have gone on to work for Vogue, The Guardian, The Telegraph, VICE and many, many more. Don’t waste a second, apply now!

Alternatively, if you are interested in a writing position, you can also message the editors (Devon and Ava) above and apply.