Someone come and collect these handsome eligible bachelors, it’s the final round


The rounds are over and across the boys rounds there were 1,699 votes! It is now time for the final, so lets have a look at the two lads who will be competing for RHUL’s Most Eligible Bachelor 2020. Who’s going to be your winner?

Josh Funnell, PIR, Third Year

Our winner from round with a staggering 443 votes is Josh Funnell. He only beat Hammad Chaudhry by 27 votes. It was a close call!

“Privileged and honoured, many thanks to my friends and family.”

Russell Witter, Geography, Second Year

Russell won our round two with 221 votes, with our second place from round two going to Ollie Beard.

“Thanks to the boys for managing to get me on here, now it’s time for the girls to get me off.”

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