Stop procrastinating in the lib and vote for RHUL’s most eligible bachelor: Round One

We’re watching.

The long awaited RHUL’s most eligible Bachelor is back. Last year was successful and this year has had just as many nominations. Now finally after careful consideration, we bring you the first round of boys.

Josh Funnell, PIR, Third Year

“I wasn’t aware I had been nominated, but I did just spill my tea everywhere laughing”

Reason for nomination: “He may be a Tory (sigh) but he has a heart of gold and deserve to meet that someone special. If you get a date with Josh, he may even lend you his Barbour. Josh is interested in a career in the police, everyone likes a man in uniform right?”

Shahmir Akram, Psychology, Third Year

“Been a sad bitch, but this nomination just made me into a bad bitch.”

Reason for nomination: “He is the baddest bitch you’ll ever meet. Nicki Minaj Super Fan.”

Hammad Chaudhry

“I am really excited to be nominated the most eligible bachelor. The love and affection I receive at Rhul is unforgettable. My time at uni is the most amazing time and I’ll never forget it. I would like to thank each and every one of you for your love and support.”

Reason for nomination: “He’s an all round icon.”

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