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Here are all the non-cringe date ideas for V day at Royal Holloway

Why? Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, duh

Here are some different ideas for everyone that this upcoming Friday should not miss. From a simple coffee catch-up to a vintage cinema, there will be at least one that will make you want to arrange something as soon as you can. After all, it is Valentine's Day AND almost the weekend. Enjoy reading through some dates inpiration!

Coffee Date

What is less romantic than a coffee date? You drink it with friends or by yourself when you pop by Café on the Square on your way to lectures anyway, so somewhere like The Little Things Coffee house on the high street is perfect for a non-cringey rendezvous. It can take as much time as you like and there is not any compromise to stay if you feel uncomfortable (as there would be during a 3-course meal, for example).

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Sometimes the simplest ideas are (simply) the best?

Be a tourist

There is nothing excessively romantic about museums or exhibitions, personally. So how about visiting Windsor Castle, for example? If you fancy a free tourist version, there is always the option of wondering around Windsor and exploring its restaurants, local pubs or enjoying a beautiful walk. Having afternoon tea could also be something you two enjoy; Windsor is the perfect place for such Britishness.

Movies, movies and more movies

If you fancy a trip to the cinema there is always Vue Cinema Staines or, in case you want to really impress them, Electric Cinema as well as Backyard Cinema in London offer more picturesque, vintage and sometimes even themed surroundings to screen current films (more pricey too but, hey, it’s only one day).

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Sit back, relax and enjoy the night!

You can always opt for the student-friendly homemade 'movie theatre' with some popcorn and the softest pyjamas you have.

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A cosy, comfortable night in… Who wouldn't? ?

Go for the classics

How about if we stop panicking about being cringey and plan something we would actually enjoy? Maybe ice-skating is your thing- you could pop in for some laughs at Windsor On Ice or The Bracknell Ice Skating Club. Bowling is also a must if you are a little competitive (there is one nearby at Tenpin Feltham). These can easily be de-romanticised by bringing a few friends you two have in common; perhaps you would stress less that way and have more fun.

Immerse yourself in nature

A simple, relaxing stroll around Virginia Waters lake is the go-to idea for someone who does not want overdo it. There is a lot to see, wonderful scenery and if you time it right, you may be able to admire the sunset. Or you may be too hungry by then and want to go into Piccolino which is at walking distance.

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A calming walk is needed to get away every now and again??

Remember, the objective is to have fun and to spend time with someone you love, so just keep that in mind if you are anxious about Valentine’s Day. There is no need to worry.

I wish you all a very happy Valentine’s Day. And, of course, very successful dates.