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QUIZ: Which ROHO BNOC will be your Valentine?

Get yourself a royal hollow-bae x


Valentine’s day is round the corner and you’re still alone.

You’re being left on read, your Tinder is drier than the Sahara and the last time someone touched you was when a stranger helped you out of bush that you fell into when you were drunk. You’re doing amazing, sweetie.

Or maybe you’re in a relationship/situationship/FWB thing, you have someone (sort of) and you are mildly happy, but you know you could be happ-ier. Somethings missing and you can’t figure out what. I can tell you what, it’s Paul Lizard Layzell’s scaley body rubbing up against you at night. Yummy.

Follow us into the land of fantasy and complete this quiz to find out which ROHO BNOC is your true valentine.