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‘You are to STOP’: Surrey Police respond to residents notes on students cars

They called the notes ‘discriminative nonsense’

Surrey Police posted on their Facebook page yesterday reacting to notes being left on students' cars around Royal Holloway university. The original note spotted on several students' cars says:

"If this vehicle belongs to a student, you are breaking Royal Holloway Guidlines, which are;


"Please move this vehicle and do not park again in a residential area, use the Royal Holloway car park off Harvest Road.

"Your vehicle details have been taken for future action if the vehicle is parked again on residential roads.

"If you are not a permanent resident we apoligse for this notice."

The note comes after an increased amount of cars around the university, particularly by the back gate and around Englefield Green.

The police did not take too kindly to the note, telling residents "you need to STOP."

?Whoever is taking it upon themselves to place these hideously worded notes on windscreens in #EnglefieldGreen, you’re…

Posted by Runnymede Beat (Surrey Police) on Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Surrey Police's posted on Facebook calling out the "hideously worded notes" clearly stating that said person is "committing an offence" by leaving these notes on poor people's windscreens.

The Police go onto say that it is "not your place to dictate or enforce rules (particularly when you've just made them up), you've written discriminative nonsense, you have no idea who has permission to do what and where and you are to STOP."

The police post then goes onto reassure students that they are well within their right to park in public spaces and if anyone is to encounter any issues they are to call 101. They also mention they work with the student services team to help with complaints.

The policy that the angry note writer is trying to reference is the Royal Holloway policy in halls of Residence contracts, which states that students cannot park within 1.5 miles of the university if you live in halls. However, this only applies to those that live in halls not those that live in the surrounding houses in Egham and Englefield Green.

The member of the public who wrote the note who asks students to park in the RHUL car park off Harvest Road has failed to mention that you will get a ticket if you park in said car park without a permit – the same goes for any campus parking.

Overall, whoever tried to scaremonger the poor drivers in the area was not successful and the police certainly put them in their place.