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Missed out on RHSU tickets? Here’s everything you can do instead

It’s a short list because what else is there to do apart from go to the SU

We all know that Halloween is a big thing at Royal Holloway, so much so that the SU tickets sold out well in advance. If you haven't bought your Halloween ticket in Freshers week or in the resale – I doubt you're going to get one.

Therefore, if you are one of those unfortunate people who didn't get a ticket, I am sorry. However, here's a list of all the things you can do instead.

Cry in your room

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If you're not going out what could be more logical than just staying in and crying about how much you're missing out on.

Pumpkin Carving

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The SU and Hall Life Team runs pumpkin carving events throughout the week of Halloween. You can carve out a pumpkin and get into the halloween spirit another way. It's also a pretty traditional aspect of halloween so that you can celebrate longer than one night.

Summon a Demon

What could be more in the spirit of Halloween? (Pun intended.) If you've ever seen Supernatural, Sabrina or anything to do with Halloween you'll know how easy it is! Whilst everyone's at the SU you can make yourself some new (or old) friends.

Hang Out in Englefield Green Graveyard

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Fancy a spooky activity that you can do late at night? Why not go and hang out in Englefield Green's Graveyard? Go have a nice walk around in the dark.

Go to Staines

I mean why not? Just go to Staines.

Book your ticket for next year in advance

So you don't get caught out again next year, you can sit and think about what you're missing out on by sitting and watching the SU website to find out when they'll be selling next years'. You can then book it online and cry a little less about how terrible it is that you're not out getting drunk.

Trick or Treat

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Get in the Royal Holloway Spirit another way.

The most traditional (and arguable childish) of halloween activties can result in a win-win situation for students. Low on budget? Trick or Treating can score you free food, just be careful when you're out and about. Stay safe!

Watch Horror Films

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Get together with some other people who missed out on SU tickets and watch some classic horror movies.Grab some food and snacks and a blanket/cushion to hide behind for maximum watching experience. Maybe don't do it alone, there's always the chance you won't feel alone again.

Throw your own Halloween party!

Put on some music and grab some drinks and dance the night away. Although- no one will be there because everyone is going to be at the SU, so you'll just be alone. Maybe just cry in your room. That's less effort.