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How to get a SU Halloween ticket for tonight

We know ya want one x

It's that time a year again, where Overheard is filled with people begging for a Halloween SU ticket. Usually you're laughing at them, usually you buy it ahead of time and learn your lessons from other people's mistakes, usually you're organised.

This year, however, your uni work went 0-100, your head's fried and you're drowning in multiple Moodle tabs open on your laptop. Also, that one person you were sort of, kinda attracted to last year is in a happy relationship now and you blew your shot at a lukewarm romance in the midst of cuffing season – so you're a mess and alone. And while thats been going on you forgot to buy your Halloween SU ticket. The one you were actually looking forward to and that all your friends are going to. So now you're a mess, alone and motiveless. Congratulations.

But you don't have to be the sad act that stayed in. You can follow our comprehensive guide below to see how others have bagged them on overhead. All the various methods, from weird to wild, have been listed. Sorted.

You can brag

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Or use your depression as leverage

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Step up and protect your fellow students

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Tell a shit joke

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Form an alliance

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Or order it weeks ago because your friends forced you and act smug af as you watch everyone around you lose their head for a ticket x

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Sorry, not sorry x