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The 8 English Lit girls you’ll meet at RHUL

All my girls are getting English ~lit~

The Medieval Girl

She's good at deciphering illegible handwriting, finds any excuse to complain about the ending of Game of Thrones and thinks dragons are cute. This girl justifies the sesh every weekend because in medieval England drinking is a sign of valour. She loves Led Zeppelin, has a beard kink, and Lord of the Rings > Harry Potter, obviously.

The Renaissance Girl

She loves Greek mythology. She’s so sophisticated but has the dirtiest mind – she talks about the sword of Damocles and makes a sex joke in the same sentence. She won’t stop talking about how death is inevitable
and probably wants a ‘memento mori’ tattoo. This gal loves revenge and she keeps telling you that Shakespeare is gay without any context? She has her zodiac sign in her bio. (She is such a Scorpio).

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When the Victorian Lit isn't contemplating social mores she can be found in the literal moors ?

The Victorian Girl

This girl loves the Royal Family but is jealous of Meghan Markle because she really deserved to marry Prince Harry. She has really nice handwriting
and considers Jane Austen to be her bestie. This girl thinks that every time it rains ‘its pathetic fallacy’. She's attracted to red flags because of the Byronic hero and weirdly she has a crush on Frankenstein’s monster. (They don't see how gentle he really is).

The Postcolonial Girl

This girl definitely votes Labour. She slays the twitter trolls like she slays her essays and is constantly retweeting Jameela Jamil. She's low-key embarrassed to be a part of a British institution because of the evils of the British Empire and will make the seminar leader feel ashamed too. She hates the Royal Family (duh). She gets away with noting only ‘orientalism’ in her footnote of every essay. Salman Rushdie is bae.

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I got 99 problems and a witch ain't one.

The Gothic Girl

All-black aesthetic, she has ‘witch’ in her Instagram bio and she probably has a cat. She thinks buildings look better when they’re decrepit and crumbling and claims she’s seen ghosts. She has really vivid, messed up nightmares and thinks love is only good when its unrequited or one of you is dying.

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Harry Potter and Disney are my coping mechanisms.

The Children's Lit Girl

This girls asks you your Hogwarts house before they ask you your name. She refuses to watch horror films but loves the Brothers Grimm (honestly, way more messed up). She knows the lyrics to every Disney song
and is the Mum friend of the group: 'did you guys drink enough water today?' She’s obsessed with Shrek (‘it redefined the fairy tale genre’). Her Instagram posts have cute, wholesome captions and she finds the ‘silver lining’ or moral in any negative situation.

The Poetry Girl

Roll necks and berets are her uniform. She's your classic constantly misunderstood tortured artist. Her favourite poets are Keats, Shelley and Kendrick Lamar (she's diverse). She says things that are deliberately vague to encourage you to ‘read between the lines’. She sometimes speaks in riddles and sometimes says things that are so obvious yet weirdly profound.

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Theory girl loves Freud and most likely has daddy issues x

The Theory Girl

This girl is not even doing this degree to read novels, she's here to read essays. She's more interested in abstract thoughts than reality and often says things like ‘Are we even real? Is this a simulation?’ Every conversation is an argument. You thought Michel Foucault was her boyfriend because she talks about him all the time. She's your armchair psychiatrist, and for her, Freud is ~daddy~. She has insomnia because Nietzsche gives her existential crises at night. Any time you're having a goss about a boy she manages to get 'gender is a performance' in there somehow. She thinks love is an illusion and humans are impractical.