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Heres why everyone at RHUL should be in a sports society

Gonna leave you wondering why you haven’t already joined

Starting university is a mixture of emotions in itself and we all know freshers fair is the staple of your first week of your first year. You’ll be confronted by all sports teams at every stall begging you to sign up, and if you’re not a sporty person, you may tend to just wander past these.

But… sport at RHUL is great and you need to give it a chance.

Everyone is scared of that first taster session, but all you will find it hugely welcoming group of people that will encourage you to grab your sport of choice by the horns. You may have never played on a pitch before, but it'll be a welcoming shock to the system to finally develop the skills and play properly for the first time.

So, here are the top five reasons why you should join a sports team at uni:

The social life

All sports range from chill to full-on, socials are mad no matter what sport you choose yet you never feel pressured to drink, so you still feel safe and comfortable. With socials every week, you get to meet the team on a more personal level than on the pitch, plus SU-ing after is always fun.

Being part of a team

Life within a team makes you feel included and like you're never on your own. With a group of over thirty teammates, it is great to bump into them all around campus. Naturally, it is a great way to make a huge group of new friends, whilst keeping you active at the same time! Being part of a team also provides you with a sense of community, which is something a few of us might miss and not realise it.

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Women's Rugby.

Pushing yourself outside your comfort zone.

By joining a sport steam it'll show you the importance of trying something once instead of wondering “what if?”. If all of those that have joined a sports team never took that chance then they wouldn't have met the team they know and love today.

It keeps you fit!

Any sport you partake in makes you more active than you would be without it! In fact, you don't even notice you're improving your fitness as you're enjoying yourself so much!

Provides you with an opportunity to try new things.

It's great to do something that you have never tried before, and it's never too late to join! Even if you're in your second or third year, you can ALWAYS sign up to give it a go, nothing should stop you. It provides you with the opportunity to develop skills you never knew you had!

There are numerous sports teams that you can join whilst your at uni and no doubt all will make you feel incredibly welcome. Everything from archery to squash. Just give it a go and you may find it's what been missing!