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RHUL have put the night bus prices up as well as closing the back gate

Talk about a double whammy

The price of tickets for the night bus, which takes students from campus to their student homes in the surrounding areas, has increased from £1 to £1.50.

This comes after the decision over summer made by the University in co-operation with Egham community to shut off the 24 hour access of the back gate.

It was well known that the back gate provided a short and safe way home for many students living in Egham, and the decision to open it for 24 hours came about in mid-2017 after a long fight from students. However, due to public complaints about noise this safety net and beacon of hope for Rhul students was taken away.

Speaking to students on campus one third year said: "I feel unsafe walking home the long way round, it's just dumb. If people don't like students they shouldn't live next to uni."

A second year student also told the Tab: "On a recent trip to the SU I decided to get the night bus back home to my house near the back gate as the 20 minute walk down Egham Hill back home at 1.30am did not seem appealing. I had my £1 in hand and was ready to get my ticket from cloak room to be told the price had increased."

Another student added: "There was nothing made immediately obvious over the summer that the bus prices were being increased, so it was a complete surprise when we got back to uni.

"Also the SU says that the night bus is not for profit, but it seems really convenient that they've put the prices up straight after revoking the back gate access, when more students are going to be buying tickets."