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RoHo have revoked the 24 hour back gate access and now I’m dropping out

It was due to too many noise complaints

Royal Holloway announced yesterday that they will be revoking the 24 hour back gate access into university as of September. This is due to multiple noise complaints from the community.

The gate will now be locked between 00:30 and 05:00, meaning students living in Egham will have to take the longer route home.

Two months ago the Students' Union issued a final plea to students to be quiet when leaving through the back gate, otherwise they threatened removal of the 24 hour access.

The back gate provided a much needed safe route for students coming back from nights out and late night library sessions. It was a helpful alternative to the long trek through the main entrance down Egham Hill and then through the dark back roads.

The Students' Union said: "While the Union understands the Executive’s rationale for reducing access, we believe this decision is detrimental to student welfare and it is disappointing that it has come to this after we fought so hard to achieve 24 hour access for students who require a safe route to/from campus."

This decision has said to have been made due to various meetings with the community and the final choice to shut off this safe access has been put down to the noise from students made on their walk home and the impact this was having on the community.

The SU said: "The College believe the impact on the local community living in close proximity to the back gate has been too significant and have opted to re-establish closed hours, which will see the gate locked at 00:30 each night and re-open at 05:00."

These new hours will be enacted as of the beginning of the next academic year, in September 2019.