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Royal Holloway’s BNOC 2019: The winner

The winner takes it all

Over the past few weeks we have asked you to make use of your right to vote and like any good member of a democratic society you have made your choice and crowned Jack your RoHo BNOC 2019. Congrats Jack!

Although it was a very close call with only two votes difference between our two finalists, Jack eventually managed to come out on top leaving our RoHo bachelor Aadam in second place.

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We've talked to the newly crowned BNOC to find out about his secrets to success. His answers were short but sweet, just like you'd expect from a campus celebrity.

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How do you feel about winning?

No different if I'm honest, just happy to be finished and leaving.

What's your secret to BNOC success?

Make silly decisions at the SU.

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Jolly, optimistic and alright.

What are you gonna do with this newly won title?

Get ''BNOC'' tattooed on my forehead to match my other shit tattoos.