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Here are all the music student stereotypes you’ll find at RoHo

They live in Woodlands


There are always misconceptions about students from different subject areas. But music students have always been a curiosity on campus, basically living in Woodlands and always running around with their violin or guitar case.

So here is a rundown of all the stereotypes about music students at Royal Holloway.

Music students only listen to classical music

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Whilst classical music does help with concentration when completing assignments and studying, it's not the only genre that we listen to. For some it may be the case, but it definitely isn't the same for all. If it were true, we wouldn't even be seen at the SU. It just depends on the musician.

Music students spend all of their free time practicing

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It may seem like we do nothing but spend all day practicing in the Woodlands building or wherever, but again, some of us spend a lot of time doing this and some don't. Many of us end up procrastinating because it can be difficult to find the motivation to actually practice, and then we don't practice as often as we should and fall into a pit of self-hatred when we wonder why a certain phrase or passage in a piece doesn't sound great. Like, at all. "I really don't want to practice" is a phrase that goes through our heads at least 60 times a day.

Being a music student automatically means that you can do anything musical

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To put it lightly, I wish.

To the 2% of music students who are good at everything regarding music – playing an instrument, singing, composing – are you even real? As someone who can barely sing or compose, I wish I could be great at all three. Many music students are exceptional at at least one (or maybe even two) of these main musical topics, but it's quite rare and wonderful to find someone who is amazing at ALL of them.

Music students are always at some sort of rehearsal

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Also true. Imagine actually having to plan your social life – so that includes Toast, SU nights, even hanging out with your mates – around all the rehearsals you have during the week. And even as a music student, it can sometimes be frustrating and difficult and to co-ordinate meeting up with your other music friends because there are so many different orchestral and choral rehearsals during the week. But despite this, it's always rewarding to finally perform repertoire after weeks or months after rehearsals.

Music students sit all day analysing Mozart, Beethoven, Shostakovich and so on

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Nope, although when we do, it's probably for one of our modules and not because we necessarily want to do it! The strangest thing about studying music is the fact that you don't have to do too much analysis like at GCSE or A-Level. No one really wants to sit and analyse music for hours on end – or some people do and there's nothing wrong with that. There are so many different topics covered as part of this degree, including performance, music history, studying music from different cultures around the world, contemporary issues in music reception etc. There are literally way too many to list.

After graduating, they will all become professional musicians or eccentric music teachers

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The vast majority of us will probably go on to do some sort of performing in national orchestras or choirs, or teaching both privately and in schools because it's what we really love to do. But like with any degree, some students might realise that the subject they're studying isn't actually what they want to do when they graduate. But don't worry, we'll make sure to remember you when we're famous.