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Vote for RoHo’s most eligible bachelorette: The final

It’s the final countdown

Over the past couple of weeks you've been voting in your thousands for the fittest gals on campus. Now, only three girls remain. Who will you crown winner?

Check out the Tab Royal Holloway's Instagram for more about our beautiful finalists.

Sophie Hobson, French and German, Fourth Year

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'Nothing would spark more joy than winning, it's my only dream cos graduating with a first is too unrealistic. If I win, I'll screenshot my win and use it to pimp my Tinder.'

Elize Raif, Music, Third Year

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'If I were to win the first thing I'd do is probably call my mum.'

Lily Aráma Sanchez, Maths with French, First Year

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'Would be hella gucci if I won. More gucci than Hox Park students. If I did win I would probs put it on my cv I guess.'