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Vote for Royal Holloway’s most eligible bachelorette: Semi- final

It’s getting hot in here

It's semi-final time baby. Here are the hunnies who'll be giving you a semi.

Who will you send through to the final? Peep the Tab Royal Holloway's Instagram to find out more about these beautiful babes.

Phoebe Leake, Biomedical Studies, First year

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'Bollocks to Brexit.'

Elize Raif, Music, Third year

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'I guess I'd like to thank my parents for the genes? And my friends for trying to embarrass me in any way they can.'

Sophie Hobson, French and German, Fourth Year

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'I'd like to thank my friends and fans who've supported me on my journey, you keep me humble x'

Lily Arama Sánchez, Maths with French, First year

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'Thanks to my friends and family for supporting me.'

Sophie Dobb, Film, Television & Digital Production, First year

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'I am serious. And don't call me Shirley' – Dr Rumack, Airplane (1980), I'd like to thank myself for being cool'

Lucy Wonnacott, Geography, Third year

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'I would like to thank god for my good looks.'

Phoebe Dormand, Psychology, Third year

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'I'm so chill, I'm a fucking ice cube'

Annabel McCarthy, English & Drama, Third year

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‘I graduate soon so hurry up and ask me out already.’