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Royal Holloway’s most eligible bachelorette 2019: Heat four

Fittie McVities

It's the end of a week of beautiful women, here is round four of RoHo's most beautiful ladies. For one last time, get voting and check out the Tab Royal Holloway's Instagram for more on our final round of fitties.

IIona Behei, PIR and History, Second Year

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'I am Ukrainian with a Birmingham accent. What a mix, right?'

Lily Arama Sánchez, Maths with French, First Year

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'I have an immense love for vk’s, and hope that one day I can do a dissertation on them. Also a huge fan of Mathematical Memes for Logarithmically Scaled Teens. Mixed af so have love for all nationalities.'

Sophie Malby, Law, First Year

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'I’m a "responsible" law student who has only missed 3 SU nights since September'

Maryam Shaharuddin, Drama and Theatre Studies, Third Year

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'Half Pakistani half MaSLAYSian'

Hannah Grace Dolling, Comparative Literature and Culture, Visual Arts and History of Art, Second Year

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‘I’m definitely edgier than a circle’

Alex Tanas, Liberal Arts, Second Year

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'If the Duracell bunny and an obscure French poet had a baby and that child grew up on punk music, cheap whiskey, David Attenborough and porn.'

Grace Petrie, Drama and Theatre studies, Second Year

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'Living up to my nickname Disgrace because I’m an actual liability.'

Phoebe Dormand, Psychology, Third year

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‘So chill, I’m a fucking ice cube.’