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RoHo’s most eligible bachelorette 2019: Heat three

Some more fit ladies

Can you believe it? Even more fitties! Get voting, and don't forget to check out the Tab Royal Holloway's Instagram for more info about these beauties.

Kellie Cheung, Modern Languages, First year

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‘If you want a homemade Chinese meal, hit me up’

Molly Wasway, English Literature and Creative Writing, Second year

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'The only thing strong and stable in my life is my SU streak'

Vicky Green, Geography, Third year

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'I don't need alcohol to make bad decisions'

Marianna Decataldo, Classics, Postgraduate

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'Good chat and sweet guys ftw'

Emilia Di Matteo, Management and Spanish, First year

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'Chunky yet funky Italian stallion. You'll be lucky if I love you more than food and sleep x'

Alexandra Morris, Criminology and Sociology, First year

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'If you can’t handle me at my worst… just pour me some tequila and get me an SU wristband. I should be fine by then'

Sophie Dobb, Film, Television & Digital Production, First year

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'Bird up! – Eric Andre'

Jordan Eagle, Politics and International Relations, Second year

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'The best things come in small packages'

Yael Henning, Psychology, Third year

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'When you're downie eat a brownie'

Lucy Wonnacott, Geography, Third year

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'Cheers to leopard print'