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RoHo’s Most eligible bachelorette 2019: Heat one

Here come the girls

Devina Sharma, Management, second year

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"Just livin Devina loca. You probably know me as the lobster from the SU."

Issy Lumsden, Law, second year

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"Guess what colour my Fiat 500 is."

Nadja Bessa, Spanish and Management, second year

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"Some say Immigrants come to take your jobs, so I decided to take your man instead."

Kiran Malhan, Psychology, third year

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"I just wanna know who nominated me."

Sophie Hobson, French and German, fourth year

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"Spent a year abroad and I'm vegan so there wont be any awkward silences on a date with me."

Jess Wideman, PIR, second year

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"I’m a fun-loving nerd who loves Disney, Harry Potter, and a bunch of other stuff! One of my favourite pastimes is to go to movie premieres in London and meet celebrities, while occasionally walking the red carpet myself."

Sophie McClarron, Politics of Development, Postgraduate

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"I’ve deleted and reinstalled tinder 243 times and applied for First Dates four times but here I am."

Faith Norman, Music and Drama, first year

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"Two things have been crying this term – my wallet and my liver. Both affected by alcohol."

Liberty Hannah, English Literature, third year

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"It's time to liberate the single girls of Royal Holloway."

Mackenzie Large, PPE, First Year

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"Love dogs and early nights."

Annabel McCarthy, English and Drama, third year

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"Only 5ft but gonna be bigger than your ex."