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Meet your new SU sabbatical officers

The results are in!

After weeks of the candidates' preparation, three days of insistent campaigning anywhere and everywhere across campus, five new Sabbatical Officers were elected alongside three part-time roles and five media outlet positions available within the SU.

The SU have stated that 3073 (28.4%) RoHo students voted, with a record number of 31,592 votes being cast between Monday and Wednesday.

So, without further ado, here are the new Sabbatical Officers for Royal Holloway!

(Photo credits: Mariia Ostapkevich)

Moving on from his current role as VP Education and taking over from Clem Jones as the new SU President is Jack O'Neill.

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Jack O'Neill – 1978 votes

Your new VP Education is Kate Roberts, who will be taking over from Jack O'Neill.

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Kate Roberts – 983 votes

Your new VP Welfare and Diversity is Lucy Simpson, who will be following on from Willow Wong.

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Lucy Simpson – 881 votes

Your new VP Societies & Media is Sophia Bolton, following on from Holly Hughes.

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Sophia Bolton – 662 votes

And finally, Dom Brown has been successfully re-elected as VP Sport.

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Dom Brown – 979 votes

Congratulations to the new SU representatives elected for 2019/20 and well done to all of the candidates who stood for these positions this year!