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All the reasons being an international student makes you more employable

You’re doing amazing sweetie

Finding a job is never easy. No matter how many part time jobs you have had over the years or how many points you have collected towards your Passport awards, finding a job is a nerve-wrecking experience.

We are expected to have experience in very industry before even getting our degree, to be unique and not use examples from our university life, but more often than not, this is all we have.

Trying to get a job in another country can be daunting, but international students have some USPs that you can really exploit. Despite the multiple times you may get rejected for not being able to cover their criteria, not being able to stand out from the crowd or purely because you are not studying the degree applicable for the job, you will find a job. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

If you are an international student, you have already gone the extra mile.

You more than likely speak a few languages

This is an important quality that makes you stand out from half of the applicants. Even if you have some basic knowledge and understanding of a language, it might be beneficial to include it on your CV.

You have overcome adversities

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Coming so far away from your home countries, by changing your essay style, hobbies or even food taste to fit in (I am sure half of you have questioned what a toad in the hole is) you have overcome adversities and learnt how to adapt, which is a really important skill.

Being able to overcome challenges can demonstrate your problem-solving skills and team work. Just remember to talk about the little things.

You have excellent cross-cultural understanding

You have learned and experienced different cultures, customs and educational systems and I'm sure you have studied the WW1 through the lenses of at least two different countries. This is an important quality for nearly all the job sectors and can make your application stand out from the crowd.

You have outstanding communication skills

And I know it is hard to believe sometimes, but you have made it through all the exams, all the international certificate assessments and through university.

The good thing about being a student is being able to join all those societies and clubs, to take part in volunteering campaigns and improve your employability skills by gaining valuable experience for your CV and cover letter or even something to go wild about on your interview. Just by working in the local pub, you have already gained time management, customer service and problem solving skills.

And if you're still stuck, here's how you can give yourself even more of a chance

1. Register for, where you can get an advice on a variety of aspects of UK life , including working and even get an advice regarding the Brexit situation.

2. Check your Moodle page and its international students' section, where you can find useful tips of writing your cover letter or CV.

3. Get experience: Volunteer, find an internship or a shadowing day.

4. Develop your skills.

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Go get that grad job.