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RoHo’s most eligible bachelor: The semi finals

It’s getting serious

The weather wasn't the only thing hotting up last week. You absolutely loved meeting RoHo's fitties last week and you voted in your hundreds. Four single lads have made it through to the next round, so now is your chance to vote for who goes through to the final.

Check out our Instagram story to find out more about the hotties in this round.

Nishall Garala, Management

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'I’d like to thank everyone that has voted for me! It’s a honour to be in the next round. ???'

Benjamin Hooper, Classics, First Year

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'I would like to thank everyone who didn't believe in me'

Nikos Karavitis, Geography, Third Year

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'I'd like to thank all my family and friends who voted for me.'

Aadam Ahmed, Politics, Postgraduate

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'Thanks to all the boys at social league who are committed to seeing me soar'