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Vote for Royal Holloway’s most eligible bachelor: Heat two

Hello, boys

You loved our first heat of eligible bachelors. Now we bring you even more fitties from the far plains of Surrey to… a little south of Surrey. Anyway, if you want to see more of these tasty snack, head over to our Instagram story, where we've got loads more pics of them.

Guy Brown, Physics, Third Year

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"I can down a litre of chocolate milk in less than eight seconds. I am not good at negotiating with Maltese bar staff but would have Juncker in my pocket by now. I know 87 per cent of the words to Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond."

Benjamin Hooper, Classics, First year

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"Play polo, often found near an Italian lake (big up Como), a top chap, very humble."

George Wright, Law, First year

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"I'm George, first year law student with a passion for whoring myself out on Secret Admirers. I'm so single, the last time I went for a physical exam at the doctors, I moaned when he put his finger in."

Joe Smerke, International Relations, Third year

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"You've probably heard of me."

Flynn Sturgeon, Music, Third year

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"I play eleven instruments and work as a pianist and musical director with choirs and theatre companies in and around London. I drink anything except red wine, and believe that Toast is the best night out on campus. Allergic to caffeine so have to rely on natural energy to get anything done."

Aadam Ahmed, Politics, Postgraduate

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"Really keen on commitment hence why I've not missed a single SU night this year. I can hold 10 VKs at once due to being a firm believer that five for £10 is the best deal we've ever had at this university."