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Vote for Royal Holloway’s most eligible bachelor 2019: Heat one

Line up for these tasty snacks

We asked you last week to nominate Royal Holloway’s most handsome eligible bachelors and you did not disappoint. Catch even more of them on The Royal Holloway Tab Instagram story.

Nishall Garala, Management

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”I’m the 77th most influential person in Essex… who would’ve guessed! Also, I’m used to being called Nigel as people can’t pronounce Nishall.”

Sami Derfoufi, Economics with French, Second year

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”More than just a pretty face.”

Nikos Karavitis, Geography, Third year

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”Just your typical Greek, part of the original Spartans in 300.”

Conall Cromie, Geology, Third year

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”You know what they say about Cornish boys…. love going down south.”

Irav Agrawal, Biomedical sciences, Second year

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”The roof is not my son but I would raise it.”

For more of our bachelors, head to The Royal Holloway Instagram.