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Here’s all the things you can do at Royal Holloway if you don’t like going out

There’s so many other possibilities

Not going out isn’t something you usually associate with university students. TOAST, SU nights and Freshers’ Week all seem synonymous with student culture, but these events aren’t always for everyone. Whether you're not into clubs or don't want to drink, there are still plenty of things you can do to make the most of your time at university.

Have a day out

While everyone is wasting their time being hungover, you can get out and explore. Egham is full of things to do, but there are so many places only a train ride away that you can head to as well.

If you're looking for somewhere close to campus, Windsor is home to one of the oldest medieval castles in Britain, as well as shops and restaurants. Staines is also just one stop away on the train, is particularly good for shopping and has a cinema open seven days a week.

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If you fancy somewhere further a field, why not try Kew Gardens in London, a great place to spend some time in nature! There's also a gallery there as well as the opportunity to enjoy a traditional afternoon tea.

Or if you're looking for more of a thrill, why not try Thorpe Park? Buses run to and from Staines train station when the park is open. If you have a TOTUM card you can get discounts on your tickets too!

Hang out at the pub

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Not every night out has to involve clubs or bars. Pubs are a completely different atmosphere to clubs, so it is worth seeing if it's something you like.

There are various pubs around Egham and Englefield Green which all host their own events throughout the year. They're also places where many societies meet before heading on nights out, so they are great opportunities to meet up with people. You don't have to drink but there is always the option to.

Try a new society

One of the perks of being at university is that it gives you the chance to experience things that you wouldn't do back home. Many societies offer beginners classes or offer you the opportunity to start from scratch! Dance society, for example, is one of the biggest on campus and runs beginners dance classes throughout the year, as well as activities and opportunities open to all.

Alcohol free nights at the SU

These aren't always well advertised, so look out for them. If you want to try a night out that's a bit quieter these are always an option. These give you the opportunity to experience a night at the SU without the influence of alcohol.

See a West End show

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London is closer than you think. Only around 40 minutes away by train means a wealth of opportunities to extend your knowledge. London is full of museums, galleries, historical sites and different cultures. The West End is a particular highlight, with musicals, plays and comedies all on offer throughout the year. The shows run mainly during evenings, but there are shows during the afternoons throughout the week too. This is a great activity if you want to have a night out doing something different, but don't want to be out too late!

Go bowling

A classic kind of activity, but it is still a great night out if you want to socialise with friends and have some fun. The bowling alley in Feltham does great deals throughout the week including a student night! Just two stops away on the train from Egham towards Waterloo, and the bowling alley is just a short walk from the station!

They offer discounts on games, food and drinks on Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays. Once you've finished bowling, the alley also has an arcade, table tennis and pool under the same roof, as well as a bar and is open until at least midnight everyday of the week!

Try a ghost tour

Ghost tours are popular around big cities with lots of history. The tours are usually a walk around some of the most haunted sites in a city, where you can listen to ghost stories, and learn about the ghosts that are said to wander around. They're not all scary either, and can be an opportunity to learn about history too .

Not everyone's cup of tea, but it is an activity that seems to only be available at night. It may keep you up for the rest of the night, but at least you won't be missing out on any sleep with any loud neighbours you have.

Go for a walk

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Virginia Water lake is just a short walk away from campus

Not really a night time activity, but with assignments and exams just around the corner it is always good to have something as a release. Exercise has been proven to relieve stress, even a small amount can be beneficial, even if it just gives you a short brain break. Virginia Water Lake is only a short walk away and a perfect place to get away from the hustle of campus. It's also an activity that you don't need any equipment or money for, mainly just some comfy shoes.

And lastly, have a night in

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Takeaway and Netflix are always a winning combination. Gather your mates round and enjoy a night in watching something as cheesy as your pizza. If you don't have access to Netflix the library has a range of DVDs you can take out, or there's always good old YouTube.

You can also enjoy other activities at the same time, such as board games, pampering yourself and generally just having a good laugh with your friends.