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Royal Holloway summer graduation dates are out

Time to get that dissertation started

It's the day you've all been waiting for. When all the hard work, mental breakdowns and library all-nighters finally pay off.

We know you can hardly wait to make mum and dad proud when putting on your hat and gown to collect your well-deserved diploma and with summer graduation being only a few short months away, the university has now officially released the graduation timetable.

The 2019 summer graduation ceremonies will be held between the 15th and 19th of July and will take place as follows:

Monday 15 July 2019

10.30 am

• Drama, Theatre and Dance

• Music

1.30 pm

• English

4.30 pm

• Classics

• Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures

• Social Work

Tuesday 16 July 2019


• BSc Accounting and Finance (YIB); BSc Business and Management; BSc Business and Management (YIB); BSc Management with Marketing; BSc Management with Accounting (YIB); BSc Management with Human Resources (YIB); BSc Management with International Business (YIB); BSc Management with Sustainability (YIB)

1.30 pm

• BA Accounting Studies; BA Management and Spanish; BSc Accounting and Finance; BSc Accounting, Finance and Economics; BSc Economics and Management; BSc Management; BSc Management with Accounting; BSc Management with Digital Innovation; BSc Management with Entrepreneurship; BSc Management with Human Resources; BSc Management with Information Systems; BSc Management with International Business; BSc Management with Mathematics; BSc Management with Sustainability

• PhD Management


• Geography

Wednesday 17 July 2019


• Biological Sciences


• Psychology


• Economics

Thursday 18 July 2019


• History


• Law

• Physics


-European Studies

-Politics, International Relations and Philosophy

Friday 19 July 2019


-Computer Science

-Mathematics & Information Security


-Earth Sciences

-Media Arts

For any further information visit the student intranet.