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Here is everything happening on campus during LGBT+ history month

Use this month as an opportunity to learn


February is LGBT+ history month and various societies have organised a range of events throughout the month in order to raise awareness and support the LGBT+ community. Here's a little overview of all the events happening at Royal Holloway in honour of LGBT+ history month.

Thursday7th February: LGBT+ History Month Conference

The English Literature society invites to a discussion of various aspects of the LGBT+ life throughout the years. Find out more here.

Friday 8th February: Beyond Cis-tory – An Introduction to Trans History

A presentation and Q&A session from Charlton, the university's Trans and Non-binary Rep, in order to learn about important transgender people through history!

Friday 8th February: Crafternoon – Remaking the LGBT Banner

Earlier this year, the LGBT+ society's banner was misplaced after the first Rainbow Rave. This was a banner used at rallies, political evens and Pride representing the society's history and communal feel. Therefore it will be recreated with a twist! The LGBT+ society has been asking for designs which are in line with the original but feature their own stamp. Find the full event here.

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Monday 11th February : The Laws of Progression – An LGBTQ Perspective

LGBT+ society will be collaborating with law society for a talk about legal landmarks for LGBT+ people, followed by a panel by LGBT+ law professionals.

Wednesday 13th February: Film Screening – Pride

RHUL English students invite to a screening of Pride, a movie based around the real life solidarity between a group of gay and lesbian activists who raise money to help families affected by the British miners' strike in 1984.

Wednesday 13th February: Film Screening – Bohemian Rapsody (2018)

For those who missed the cinema screening, the LGBT+ society is showing Bohemian Rapsody as part of their queer art history. The film touches on Freddie Mercury's sexual identity in an intimate and creative way. Considered an LGBT+ legend, the film combines a great story, with great music.

Tuesday 19th February : Film Screening – Milk (2008)

The LGBT+ society will be screening Milk (2008), a story focusing on the protagonist Harvey Milk and his struggles as an American gay activist who fought for gay rights, becoming California's first openly gay elected official.

Friday 22nd February : Zine Making Workshop

Trans and Non-binary Rep Charlton will be running a workshop in order to collate photos, articles and records about LGBT+ history into a magazine. Find all details here.

Tuesday 26th February: The Evolution of LGBT+ Rights

LGBT+ society and PIR society are teaming are teaming up for a talk on the evolution of LGBT+ rights through the UK legislation.

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Tuesday 26th February: Rainbow Read

Organised by the English Literature society, this is a reading and informal discussion of 'Crush', a collection of poems by esteemed gay poet Richard Siken, talking about stylistic choices, queer literature through the ages and the important role writing has played in immortalising histories through times of censorship. Find out more here.

Thursday 28th February: The Pink Triangle – A Symbol Reclaimed

An informative and hard-hitting talk on the persecution of LGBT+ people under the third reich in Nazi Germany, the barbaric experimentation on homosexuals in concentration camps and how this is part of every LGBT+ person's history. Discussions will include how the symbol on the inverted pink triangle was used to shame LGBT+ people and how it has now been reclaimed as a political-activism symbol.

Thursday 28th February: Poems at the Packhorse

A reading of students' LGBT+ work organised by the English Literature society.