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SU threatens to revoke 24 hour access to the back gate

Noise levels have been affecting local residents

The president of the SU, Clem Jones, has launched a final appeal to students to stay quiet when leaving campus via the back gate, or the 24hr access will have to be revoked.

Noise complaints from local residents have prompted the warning, after students have been heard singing, shouting and waking up residents in Egham.

In a post on the SU website, Jones reminded students to "respect the local community" and "if things carry on as they are, this will result in one thing: The 24 hour access will be revoked."

In 2017, after years of lobbying, the SU finally negotiated 24hr access to the back gate. This meant that getting home from the SU or a late night study session would be a lot easier for students who live in Egham.

Students have taken to Overheard at Royal Holloway to try and spread the word about the possible closure.

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One final year student told the Royal Holloway Tab it would be a "real nightmare" if the back gate were to go back to restricted opening hours.

The Student Union has been approached for comment.