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Royal Holloway sanitary bins were only emptied once last term

Students are complaining about the unhygienic conditions


The sanitary bins in various halls across campus have been under a lot scrutiny since the start of the year, as some bins are only emptied once per term.

One student living in George Eliot told The Royal Holloway Tab: "We actually had to put the bin on the landing because it started smelling so bad."

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An un-emptied sanitary bin in George Eliot Hall

Following a number of student complaints, The RHUL Women's Network posted on Facebook calling for people to come forward with descriptions of the issues they have faced and how they would like them to be resolved.

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While the signs next to the bins suggest that they are emptied "regularly", once a term seems insufficient. As one Royal Holloway fresher told The Royal Holloway Tab: "We don't have the pleasure of one period a term, do we?"

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Apparently, even after the majority of bins had been emptied at the end of last term, a few were left full. In order to avoid the same issues this term, the RHUL Women's Network is now trying to resolve the problem.

The RHUL Women's Network and George Elliot Halls have been approached for further comment.