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These are all the flatmates you’ll live with at Royal Holloway

There’s always someone who can’t cook

When you first arrive at Roho as a tiny fresher, you can't help but think how unique and diverse it is compared to your home town. But in reality, everyone can be grouped into categories, a bit like The Breakfast Club. There will be certain people you'll meet at your time here, and if you haven't met one, you are one.

Here's every type of flat mate you'll encounter in your time at uni.

The free spirit

They like to just "go with the flow", which means they'll have dinner at midnight and get up whenever they want, regardless of when their lectures actually are.

They almost definitely "found themselves" on a gap year before coming to uni to either study something like geography or music. They'll definitely want to know what your hopes and dreams are.

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The party people

Can be found in Medicine or the SU most nights. Will answer to "shots!" or the opening notes of Mr Brightside.

They upload a million videos of flashing lights and and drunk selfies on their Snapchat story. If you stalk RHUL gigs and events, you'll find at least ten pics of them – either intentional or where they're photo-bombing – that you can later use as blackmail material.

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The one who can't cook

They constantly say they'll learn to cook, but after Christmas they're still struggling with the microwave meals, asking what rice is supposed to taste like and getting you to smell their milk for them. Gives up half way through a meal to eat at the Hub instead.

They're an expert at cooking chicken nuggets and chips though, and you're definitely not complaining when they make you a plate during an all-nighter.

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The insomniac

A humanities student, too busy reading Homer or the Bronte's or an obscure book about the Crusades to sleep, but they get more done in a day (and night) than you could dream of getting done on eight hours sleep.

Those noises that keep you up during the night, the creaking floors, the slamming kitchen doors, the boiling kettle – you can blame everything on the flat insomniac.

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The one you never see

You'll see them a few times during Freshers' Week, and then never during the term. When they do turn up to flat gatherings, you'll have a cracking time, absolutely break your ribs laughing with them, and then you won't see them for another month.

You'll have an ongoing record of the last time they were seen, just to make sure they haven't died.

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The clever one

Absolutely studies a science, extra points if it's one with a stupid name.

You keep finding multiple calculators around the flat, or get roped into helping them wash fossils, and you definitely try on the uni – issued hard hat a few times. You feel like an uneducated toddler in their presence.

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The fashionable one

They definitely do management or business studies. They swoosh into the kitchen with bubble tea from Imagine looking effortlessly stylish, normally when you've just dragged yourself to the kitchen after a nap.

Their wardrobe will either consist of sleek and classy clothes in only black and white or colourful vintage clothes from Depop. Every moment is a fashion show.

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